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Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

Responding to Claims of Medicaid Fraud


The minute that you receive notification that an open investigation is underway against you for medicaid fraud, the next few hours will shake you to your core. The questions you have seem to pile up as you can not get the answers that you really need in a timely manner. Rather than let the increasing weight of this situation make things worse, reach out to the professional local Medicaid fraud attorney today to get the help and answers you deserve.

Answers to Those Pressing Questions

What am I being investigated? Why was I singled out for medicaid fraud? What will happen to my benefits? All these and more questions are probably on your mind right now. The trouble is that the longer you go without answers, the more questions you come up with. When you consult with the professional local medicaid fraud lawyer, they will be able to dig deep and see what it was that caused the investigation to be opened against you in the first place. They will also be able to tell you exactly what it is going to take to get this issue closed in your favor if possible.

How Come You Were Selected?

The reason the open investigation is now proceeding was not simply a random draw like when the IRS scans their database and does random audits. The reason you were chosen could be simply a matter of your address not matching the one on file. Perhaps someone filed a complaint against you, and the courts must follow up to see if the information provided does in fact incriminate you. Your income tax returns and bank records could also trigger the investigation if those numbers do not line up perfectly with the ones that you filled out on your Medicaid application when you applied for benefits.