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Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

Getting Legal Assistance for Medicaid Fraud

Getting Legal Assistance for Medicaid Fraud


The changes made in the laws regarding health care have made it easier for people to get the medical help they need. Medical coverage is offered through insurance companies, as well as through government offices. People who come from low income backgrounds will often be eligible to receive medicaid through the state. The guidelines are very specific about what counts as income. In some cases, a state representative for the medicaid program might believe someone is perpetrating fraud. This happens when the state agency receives information about the income received by the applicant. If the information does not match what the applicant reported, there could be an investigation into the charges of fraud.

Income Discrepancies

Anyone being investigated on charges of fraud is entitled to legal representation. A medicaid fraud lawyer knows all of the laws and eligibility requirements associated with this type of medical coverage. The discrepancy in information could have been a result of a one time payment of earnings for a specific period. In cases where the agency believes the applicant was not eligible for medicaid coverage, the person might be required to repay the amount of coverage for that period.

Legal Assistance

In most cases the state agency for medicaid will contact the applicant regarding the issue at hand. The notice could request the applicant to send in copies of all their pay stubs. Even though the agency makes direct contact in order to resolve the issue, it is best to get proper legal assistance. A medicaid fraud lawyer will work on behalf of their client to make sure they get a fair outcome. In many cases the issue of fraud could be due to misinformation about the person's earnings. A professional medicaid fraud lawyer will make sure their client only repays money they actually owe.